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Rhenium Applications


Approximately 65% of produced Rhenium is used in Pt-Re catalysts for oil-refining industry in high-octane petrol production. Rhenium is a dopant in W - Mo- and Ni, Cr, Mo, Ti-based high resistant alloys. It is a component of electric contacts, coatings and thermal couple materials, as well as in X-ray tubes, flashes, measuring instruments; it may be used as a construction material in nuclear plants with sodium coolers. The 187Re beta-decay reaction is put on the basis of rhenium-osmium is a rocks and meteorites dating method. Artificial isotopes are used as indicators: 183Re (T1/2 70 days), 186Re (T1/2 88.9 h), and 188Re (T1/2 16.7 h).
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